Where We Are

Denison University is located in Granville, Ohio. In order to get to the parking garage directly with GPS, you should use the address “250 Ridge Rd., Granville, OH”. Below are some general instructions that would lead you to the Main Entrance of Denison University from various directions and to the Main Entrance of our Parking Garage.

Directions to Main Entrance of Denison University

When coming from the east, the best approach is from Ohio Route 161, later merged as Route 37; when coming from the west, take Ohio Route 16. For both approaches, take the exit to Granville/Lancaster onto Ohio Route 661 North. Route 661 will take you to the center of Granville. At the traffic light, continue north on North Main Street one block to the main North Gate entrance of Denison University.

When coming from the south, the best approach is from Interstate 70. Granville is 10 miles north of I-70 (Exit 126) on Ohio Route 37 West. When Route 37 turns off on the divided highway outside of Granville, continue straight ahead on Ohio Route 661 into Granville. Again, Route 661 will bring you to the main North Gate entrance of Denison University.

If coming from the north, you should exit Interstate 71 at Bellville and take Ohio Route 13 south into Mt. Vernon. From there, Ohio Route 661 south will bring you the 23 miles to the North Gate entrance of Denison University.

Directions to Parking Garage

Once you have entered the campus through the North Gate entrance, you will encounter a sloped path. Following the path after the slope ends, you will see a T-shaped crossroad. Turn right at the crossroad, you will see a bridge running above you, and a stop sign follows that. Turn left at the stop sign, and keep driving until you see the visitor entrance to the parking garage on your left. The sign in front of the entrance reads “Admissions & Visitor Parking Entrance.” (You will pass a service entrance first. ) A lab member will meet you at the main entrance.

Campus Map with Directions to the Admissions & Visitor Parking Entrance

Entrance of the Parking Garage

Location & Directions

Click on the interactive map below for further directions!

Sign in front of Admissions & Visitor Parking Entrance